Couture Cares is an organization that makes positive changes in the lives of our youth and community regardless of race, color or religion. Couture Cares gives back time within the community by empowering and creating lasting impressions with our youth. These are the key elements to a building a better future, long-term relationships, and a greater community.  We put into practice the Couture Cares values and beliefs through tangible leadership skills and tools through self worth  , personal growth and personal development.


Couture Cares propels youth to fulfill their potential by empowering them to become confident , college bound, career-focused , and ready to join the next generation.


Couture Cares believes in Education by:


  • Providing literacy skills that teach students basic reading through a library of grade level interactive textbooks
  • Assisting students on how to successfully read and complete a Job Application
  • Assisting  students  on how to successfully understand and complete a Resume
  • Assisting students on how to successfully Read and Complete a College Application



Couture Cares mission is focused on empowering youth from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to become successful in high school and beyond. 

We strive to provide life skills and essentials in order to ensure the success of future generations.  Our organizations  also provides youth development through community events, innovative education programs, literacy, outreach, advocacy and other support services that encourage positive interaction among youth in the Mid-South   and surrounding areas.


To empower and strengthen youth and their families in Shelby County by providing comprehensive youth development through education, innovative programs, events, outreach, advocacy, and other support services.
Couture Cares aims to support and create a better future for our youth.

Contact Us

You can contact us by phone at 901-846-2633 or by using the contact from below. 



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